One of the most adventurous and daring sports is scuba diving. Gracefully swimming the dark green coral reefed seas in absolute silence beneath the surface with only marine life for company is surely thrilling. That is the sport part only but there is a lot more to scuba diving and it is necessary that high quality training is taken by divers before they venture out underwater. This is the reason why we at have devoted our site exclusively to the subject of underwater courses and scuba diving so that those looking to diving as a career opportunity or sport can gain from it.

What do we have to offer to readers of our site who visit us to know more on this subject? First, we take apart the mystery behind underwater diving through blogs on our site. Few know that there is a limit to which man can go below water safely. Though it depends largely on the equipment used a maximum depth of 100m is recommended. That is the safe outer limit while the normal for amateurs and trained people range from 40m to 50m. Next, we offer details about the type of gear available in the market for scuba divers. Lastly and most importantly we strive to provide details of scuba classes in the country.

However, it is always not possible for our team of scuba enthusiasts to collect information from various sources and present them to our readers. This is why we invite articles and blogs from writers who are well conversant with the subject, not only about scuba diving per se but also underwater courses at various locations in the country. Contributions about eligibility, equipment to be used, charges for training and duration of the courses will be welcome. Further expert divers can write in with tips on the subject.

All these will go a long way to making our blog site a truly dependable and credible one that both amateurs and professionals can refer to.