Scuba Diving Family Vacation

Whoever said that scuba diving is for singles exploring the cool dark waters never got it more wrong. Ask parents the fun and happiness they get out of a scuba diving family vacation and you will understand why addicts of the sport cannot dream of a scuba diving vacation without family in tow. It is a learning experience for kids like no other – it teaches the value of working closely with a friend in difficult conditions, about dealing with vast unknown space and an imbibing an awareness of keeping the environment in pristine conditions. It is thus hardly surprising that the more and more scuba diving centres are welcoming families and creating special plans and packages for them.

However, a scuba diving vacation is not like any other where all that you have to do is to book air tickets and accommodation before jetting off on a holiday. It requires a lot of planning and careful choice of place to ensure a dream break with your loved ones. Follow these simple tips and be sure.

  • Research the Internet – Search the Internet for information on scuba diving destinations that cater to families and have special packages for them. The Cayman Islands for example has a special page on their website that is exclusively for family scuba diving vacations. However, if you have a location in mind, search for scuba diving centres and scan through the facilities offered to know if it is family friendly.
  • Take care of your skin condition – Scuba diving requires the diver to remain for extended hours under water, especially sea water which can play havoc on the skin. Hence, have a thorough check-up of facial skin by experts more so of the elderly or those having any skin blemishes. You can consult the specialist at your destination too. Suppose you are on a scuba diving vacation to Australia, considered to be one of the top tourist spots in the world for this sport. Find a reputed clinic with a top of the line Hydro Dermabrasion machine in Australia at a clinic and spa near your holiday locale and opt for a few sessions of skin care. These machines gently exfoliate the skin using water jets that break up the outer layer of aged cells, making way for new growth of skin cells. After the treatment, it is possible to spend countless hours below the surface without having to worry about the effect of salt water on skin. Another important consideration to make is hair removal, you can opt for treatment done with IPL hair removal machine at these salons as well.
  • Contact scuba diving centre before booking – Once you find a suitable diving agency do not book immediately. Instead contact them and give details about the team that will be coming with you and their ages. Know in advance if the dive spot is appropriate for children. Other information that should be picked up is whether the agency has wetsuits, BCDs and equipment that fit kids and whether dive masters are available to guide the kids. The dive-master to guest ratio should be adequate enough to ensure that special attention is bestowed on kids. Finally, not all members of your family may be interested in scuba diving. Find out if the centre offers related activity like snorkelling or other non-diving activities. Choose a resort with good accommodation as it will save commuting time between the hotel and dive spot. Also know if your scuba diving gear can be serviced at the centre by professionals. If not do so before you fly off.
  • Check weather updates – You have to sure that the weather during your visit is ideal for scuba diving. If not choose another part of the world where the weather is usually good at that time of the year. While scuba diving will be the main focus of your vacation, make sure that there4 are plenty of other entertainment options for family during non-diving days.

It will be a good idea to take your kids through the paces before the vacation. Have them wear scuba gear and breathe from the tank in a pool that is not more than 2 metres in depth.

Once you are sure that the kids like this experience, its then time to focus on packing!