Scuba diving as Business

When you talk of scuba diving as a business venture, the first thing that comes to mind is not ROI on investments but the good life that comes with it. You will be stationed in a beautiful seaside resort or one of the prime tourist destinations of the world in tropical settings. You will have your fill of warm waters and pristine beaches. And above all, if you are an avid scuba diver you will be in a business that you are passionate about.

All this is at the emotional plane but any business venture has to be treated as such. You have to thoroughly plan it out and take the necessary steps to ensure that it becomes a profit making entity in the shortest possible time.

Here are a few tips to set your scuba diving business rolling smoothly.

  • Know the basics of business – Learn all the basics of business first, apart from scuba diving. Take professional advice from lawyers on the prevailing regulatory norms and from expert accountants on the required financial outlay and projected returns. Look for qualified scuba divers to add to your team as trainers. In this regard you can take help from labour hire agencies in Melbourne or wherever you want to start your venture. They will be able to meet your expectations and help you get in touch with the best scuba divers. One of the leading agencies in this field is You should also seek advice from other scuba dive business owners and observe firsthand how they function.
  • Business plan – Have a business plan in place that will include all aspects of your venture. Here too it is recommended that you take expert help from a business consultant as this is a document which will act as a roadmap for your future business growth. It will include your chosen facilities, financial investments in equipment and future projections for growth as well as advertisement and marketing strategies. If you want to avail of credit facilities to start off, you can approach lenders with this document.
  • Equipment – Scuba diving equipment consists of regulator, mask, fins and wetsuit. A typical set costs upwards of $1000 and should be treated as a long term investment by you. Second hand sets are available at some online stores but you should be cautious about their condition, integrity and safe usage before buying them. Faulty scuba equipment will be very damaging for your business goodwill. Hire trained equipment technicians to regularly service the equipment to ensure that they are always in good working order.
  • Advertising and marketing – This is essential for any business and should be for you too. Ensure that you have a user-friendly website up and running and that it is optimised for a strong and visible online presence. Scuba diving is primarily a tourist activity and people from all over the world should be able to find your website high on results pages of major search engines. Only then will you get queries from potential tourists and business start flowing in. Further, be active on social media platforms for the same reason. If necessary, hire an online digital marketing agency to create an effective campaign for you.
  • Insurance – Insurance cover has to be split between fixed and movable assets such as buildings, vehicles, boats and equipment and personal insurance for public liability and diving insurance. Though rare, any diving accident can set you back considerably if you do not have adequate public liability insurance cover.

These are some of the angles that you need to take care of if you take up scuba diving as a business venture.